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Nagios plug-in for OpenVZnagios_openvzThis plug-in is used to monitor resource usage (user_beancounters and quota) on a OpenVZ server.
FreePBX Outbound Groups ModuleoutgroupsThis project is a 3rd party module for FreePBX. This module provides outbound routing based on the extension used to dial.
FlexSDKflexsdkC# port of portions of the Adobe FlexSDK.
FlexDbgflexdbgDebugger Plugin for FlashDevelop
Endian Firewall Developer Environmentefw-develThis project provides development tools for working with the community version of the Endian firewall.
E-MailRelay Distributionemailrelay-distThis project provides scripts to checkout emailrelay from SourceForge and generate the distribution tarball. The files are a distribution point for the resulting tarballs.
DUAConfigProfile for Active DirectoryduaconfigProvides Active Directory Property Sheet and Schema for DUAConfigProfile.
Debian and RedHat package cachepkg_cacherThis is a transparent cache for Debian and RedHat packages (.deb and .rpm). It is based on apt-cacher available on Debian. It has been enhanced to handle RedHat repositories and files whose names are the same but the contents are different.
Bacula Monitor for WindowsbmonwThis project is an application that runs on Microsoft Windows and can monitor local and remote instances of Bacula executing on any platform. The application can be minimized to the notification area of the system tray.

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